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Hands-On Cooking Classes in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Source local ingredients

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We’ll go to my favorite local market together and select all the ingredients we’ll need for the meal we’ll make together. You’ll learn the Spanish words for each item as well as how to purchase them in Spanish.

Experience authentic cooking

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You’ll learn to cook in the traditional style of a typical Mexican household. The best part? You’ll be able to do this when you get back home and relive the memories of your trip while also impressing your family and friends!

Savor an unforgettable meal

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At the end of our class, we’ll all sit down together and  and enjoy the meal that you prepared alongside your classmates. Then, perhaps a bit of sobremesa. The perfect end to a perfect afternoon!


What can I expect during a cooking class?

We’ll begin our day together at 9:30 AM with a quick cup of coffee and Mexican sweet bread at my house. After getting to know each other a bit, we’ll head to a local market together to buy the ingredients we’ll need for lunch. As part of the experience, I’ll also teach you the basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases you’ll need for a successful shopping trip.

Once we return to the house, the magic begins! We’ll begin to prepare the ingredients and start cooking. I’ll walk you through each part of the process, share the history of the meal, as well as best practices for keeping your cooking as authentic as possible. This part of the class is about 3 to 4 hours,  long, depending on the meal.

In any class you take, you’ll also learn how to make multiple dishes in order to create a full meal – including a delicious entrée, homemade salsas, and a traditional Mexican beverage (agua fresca). Once the meal is ready, we’ll sit down to eat and enjoy the meal together. ¡Provecho!

Check out a few of our available menu options…

– Sopes
– Gorditas
– Mole
– Enchiladas

– Guacamole
– Chilaquiles
– Sopa de Tortilla
– Agua de Jamaica

– Orchata
– Tamales
– Chiles en Nogadas
– Agua de pepino con limón

"I guess I must like Laura's classes, as I just finished my fourth or fifth one! Laura is organized, she is bilingual, and the recipes are very good. Five of our family members, including a five year old, took a class from her recently, and enjoyed every minute. It was especially fun to go to the market with her because she showed us the best places to buy each of the different ingredients. It was delightful to be in her home for the class, as it is so beautifully decorated. I recommend her classes highly!"
- Karen A.

The gift that keeps on giving

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My cooking classes are now located in Playa del Carmen within walking distance of the beach.

A Spanish teacher by trade, cooking has been my passion since I was a young girl. My childhood is colored by so many wonderful memories in the kitchen with my abuelita. She taught me recipe after recipe with so much warmth and affection, and I can’t wait to pass along these incredible meals with you!

It has been my joy to teach cooking classes for hundreds of students from all around the world. Having lived all over Mexico, I’ve taught classes in each city I’ve called home – including Mexico City (CDMX), San Cristóbal de las Casas, Querétaro, and now Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya.

I can’t wait to hear your story and share a piece of my world with you!

"I was very fortunate to reserve a private cooking class with Laura and loved the entire experience. We went to the market to buy all the ingredients fresh and then spent the next few hours in her beautiful kitchen learning to cook mole with chicken, sopes and agua fresca. Laura is friendly and a great teacher and provides you with photos of the class and recipes at the end."
- Natalie A.

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer two main types of hands-on classes: one-on-one classes and group classes.

One-on-one classes are $175 USD per person and have a maximum of 1 student.

Group classes are $97 USD per person and have a maximum of 6 students. 

I also offer special private group classes for groups of 8 or more – such as corporate retreats, destination weddings, family vacations, bachelorette trips, etc. You can inquire for more information using our contact page. 

You can pay via credit card online when you enroll.  Alternatively, you can pay in cash upon arrival on the day of your class. The only currencies I accept in cash are USD and MXN.

The classes are held in a home located in the beautiful gated community and country club of PlayaCar, at the end of 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. You can arrive on foot or take a quick taxi ride from almost anywhere in Playa del Carmen.

It’s up to you! I offer one-on-one classes (private), group classes, and special private group classes. 

For regular group classes, the maximum amount of students is normally 6.

 If you are bringing your own group – for part of a wedding party or as part of a corporate retreat – I can accommodate bigger groups.  

Of course! I’m passionate about the hands-on aspect of my cooking classes. My ultimate goal is to teach you a skill that you can carry with you throughout your whole life, so you will definitely be doing the cooking!

Absolutely! Contact me here and let me know what specific dietary restrictions you have. I’ll work with you to create a menu for the day that works for you!

I sure do! I’m a trained Spanish teacher and English teacher. During my university studies to become a certified teacher, I did a year abroad at the University of Texas in Austin. (Go Longhorns!) I’ve since taken other courses in the U.S. for my training as a language teacher as well.

I’m also married to an American and we speak lots of English at home with our son. Rest assured, language will not be a barrier in my kitchen!

Hundreds of students. Thousands of memories.

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Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 1
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 8
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 5
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 6
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 3
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 12
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 4
Lauras Cocina - Students - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 11
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High quality. Heartfelt. Hands-on.

I’m intentional about keeping my classes small, so that I can cater to every one of my students. 
My classes fill up quickly, especially during the high season. Book your class today!

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